DW 26 'The Exhausted'

for Voice and Ensemble
nach Texten von Beckett und Deleuze [40']

Looping  Deleuze :  the impact of Deleuzes Work on the origin of the Difference/Repetition series.

I started to read Difference and Repetition in 1995, it was  recommended  to me by my friend and collaborator Christian Loidl (†2002).

Having been schooled mainly in Neopositivism the reading came as a shock for me, turning my philosophical world upside down.

Moreover my compositions were then stuck in a deep crysis, oscillation between a rigid structuralism and free improvisation in a somehow schizophrenic state. Deleuzes rethinking the notions of repetition and difference, his unfolding of the inherent discourse between both, remodeled my musical thinking radically, especially my concepts of repetition; it took another 4 years till I had the courage to follow these Deleuzian leads, till in 1999 I wrote Difference/Repetition 2, a large 50 minutes piece featuring texts by Deleuze, Burroughs, Loidl, which both featured a fractal architecture and free improvisations.

This was the start of the Difference/Repetition-Series, now comprising about 30 works and several music theatre pieces.

DW26 "The Exhausted" is again based on Deleuzes late text "L'Épuisé", to be premiered in Australia 2015.

Bernhard Lang Vienna 8 March 2015