Bernhard Lang

Monadology XXXII
'The Cold Trip' pt.1 and pt.2

'The Cold Trip' belongs to a cycle of some 30 pieces called the 'Monadologies', which represent Meta-compositions, using original scores from music history between 900 and today.

Whereas in the pieces up to number XXVIII used computer programs to process the originary cells ('Monads') in these later pieces I just remembered the results of these processings while using manual looping and cutting for generating the actual texts.

Monadologies XX and XXI already referenced to Schubert (Trios), 'The Cold Trip' is a meta-composition based on Winterreise. The first part for voice and 4 guitars features songs I-XII, the second part for voice, piano and laptop the latter songs XIII-XXIV.

Part 2 uses a specially created set of samples of prepared pianos for the playback-files, creating palimpsests of Schuberts original textures.

The voice in both parts is tracing the lost lines of the songs, sometimes touching them as if remembering.

Bernhard Lang Graz/Vienna 15 Oct. 2014